When to make Hotmail remember your password

As we just saw in the "How safe is the Hotmail Sign in remember me option?" tutorial, Windows Live Hotmail can automatically remember your user name (the Windows Live ID, or email address you supply when you login). But, as you may already know, Hotmail can also remember your password: this means that when both checkboxes are checked, Hotmail will in effect automatically sign in to your emails and bypass the login form altogether. So, the question is: when should you make Hotmail remember your password?

Make Hotmail sign in remember your information and login automatically


Security implications of the convenient Hotmail "Remember Me" options

The appeal of making Hotmail automatically remember your Windows Live ID (email address) and password is convenience - this is a great time saver, especially if you check your emails several times a day, because the alternative would be to manually login every time! To make things easy, here are cases where you should never allow Windows Live Hotmail to remember your profile information / credentials:

Tip: These three typical scenarios require your common sense as well, since it depends on the amount of trust you have in people living with you and/or your colleagues. The only iron clad rule is never to use the convenience of the Hotmail remember-me options from a computer that is routinely accessed by others!

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