"The email address or password is incorrect. Please try again"

The following error message is one of the most frequent problems you will encounter when you try to login to your Windows Live Hotmail Hotmail account: "The email address or password is incorrect. Please try again." In this tutorial, we will explain what the message means, and what steps you should take to work around this issue, as well as next steps to consider if you consistently get this notice.

The email address or password is incorrect Please try again


I cannot login to Hotmail - Sign in screen says invalid password / email address

This common complaint resonates to a personal level, since we've ourselves experienced it often, fortunately for light reasons (read the end of this tutorial to see if you should start getting worried that your Windows Live Hotmail account has been hacked). Like many things in life, the simplest explanation is often the good one: so let's start examining what this sign in error message means, and how to fix it:

Tip # 1: if you want to double-check your password in plain sight, you can type it inside a text editor of your choice, like Notepad (on Windows), TextEdit (on Mac OS X), or gedit (on Linux). Often, the typo (if any) will pop at you instantly!

Tip # 2: if this problem happens to you often when you login to Hotmail, consider enabling the option that allows you to sign in to Hotmail automatically. This spares you from having to manually type your email address an password every time, and makes typos impossible once you got your credentials right!

If you have reached this point in the tutorial, and can still not login to your Hotmail account and check your emails, and are positive that you have entered your credentials correctly, something may be wrong. An upcoming tutorial will explain how to determine if your Hotmail account has been hacked, and what you should do about it. We'll also give you more pointers to try before reaching that conclusion.

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