Sign out of your Hotmail account on iPad

Our previous tutorial explained Hotmail Sign in from iPad, and you saw how easily you can access your email account and messages on the go, using Apple's tablet computer. For convenience's sake and speed, the mobile Hotmail experience is a stripped down, optimized version, and this includes the sign in page: it doesn't include the checkbox that lets you automatically sign in to Hotmail on the desktop. (The login form is automatically tailored for mobile access since it recognized that you are on an iPad.)

Tip: another tutorial explains how to password protect your iPad; if your iPad cannot be accessed without supplying a four-digit pin code, you don't really need to sign out of your Hotmail account, which will spare you from having to re-enter your credentials whenever you want to check your email messages! (This tip of course assumes that you are the only Hotmail subscriber using this iPad.)


Manually logout from Hotmail on iPad / mobile version

Unlike the desktop version of Hotmail, the mobile version will save your username (email address) and password without asking you, by placing a "cookie" (small text file) that Safari will save; on your next visit to or, you will not need to re-enter any credentials.

Tip: For security reasons, cookies have an "expiration date", beyond which they will be automatically erased by your web browser; this applies to Mobile Hotmail and the "regular" Hotmail. This is why you will be presented with the blank sign in page (pictured below) when you (a) have manually cleared your cookie cache on your iPad, or (b) have manually signed out of Hotmail, as explained further down.

So no need to worry if this happens to you, it doesn't mean that someone else has used your iPad or has hacked your Hotmail account. Also, note that if you change Hotmail password, Windows Live will ask you to re-login: this is a safety precaution that allows you to reset your credentials from anywhere, in case you accidentally remained signed in to Hotmail on a public computer, for example.

iPad Hotmail Sign in page

You now know how to sign out of your Hotmail account on iPad, and how to confirm a successful logout; you can also use this technique if you wish to check another Hotmail account (since you can only be logged into a single Hotmail account per web browser at the same time - the exception being "private browsing", which can be used as a temporarily solution to anonymously login to your Hotmail account). 

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