"Sign-out isn't complete... Finish signing out" error message in Hotmail

Depending on how you signed in to your email account, Windows Live Hotmail may automatically remember your user name (email address) and password, and skip the login screen to bring you straight to your inbox. This is the case even after you close your web browser, and login to Hotmail later on, after re-opening your browser. When you manually logout of your Hotmail account, however, (by clicking on the "sign out" link in the top right corner of the screen), you may receive the following, somewhat puzzling message: "Sign-out isn't complete - Finish signing out". And it will look like this:

Sign out error message in Windows Live Hotmail


What to do when you get this Hotmail sign out error message

This message is a lot more straight forward than it sounds, and it actually just means that you are not yet completely signed out of your Hotmail account.

Since Hotmail gives you the convenient option to remember (using cookies in your web browser) your login information, either your user name only, or both your email address and password, the cookie that stores your sign in credentials remains on your computer. In other words, clicking on the sign out link doesn't really remove your account details from the browser.

All you need to do is to force Hotmail to forget your email address and password on the sign in screen; if you clear your cookies, it will erase not only your Hotmail login, but also any other logins you chose to remember for other websites - probably not something you wanted.

To finish signing out of Hotmail without clearing all your browser's cookies, just follow the simple steps we have outlined in the following page: confirm Hotmail sign out / completely logout.

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