Sign in to Windows Live Messenger

The Windows Live Messenger IM client (also known as "Hotmail Messenger") comes as part of the "Windows Live Essentials" suite of free software from Microsoft, which includes the Windows Live Mail email program - the latest version is available for Windows 7 / Vista, and you'll need to use the previous version if you are running Windows XP. In this tutorial, we will show you how to sign in to Windows Live Messenger, using the same login as your Hotmail account: if you do not have such an email address, you'll first need to create a Hotmail account (the process only takes a few minutes!)

Tip: this tutorial assumes that you already have Windows Live Messenger on your PC; if not, learn how to download and install Windows Live Essentials on your PC.


Login to Messenger IM client with your Hotmail account

Once you launch Windows Live Messenger, you will see an empty login form; if you are automatically signed into another Hotmail account, read our "Logout of Windows Live Messenger" tutorial first.

Automatic Sign-in Options

The first time you log into Messenger, you'll be able to choose between "MSN" or "Social Highlights": the latter will automatically retrieve messages and posts from Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn, once and if you decide to connect them to your Hotmail account, and display YouTube videos people have sent you. Messenger will show banner ads even if you subscribe to Hotmail Plus - this is (unfortunately) normal.

Tutorial last updated on November 30, 2011
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