Sign in to the Windows Live Hotmail Home page (instead of Inbox)

By default, when you login to your Hotmail account to check your emails, the Windows Live "Home" page will load, with a summary of new emails and other social networking features you may have configured for your profile. But this behavior can be customized, and you (or someone else) may have changed this setting to make Hotmail go directly to your inbox. This tutorial will explain how to revert to the original option, and make the Windows Live Hotmail homepage load instead of your inbox and emails.


Make the Hotmail Home page load when you sign in

Follow these steps to re-enable the default option for post-login landing page:

This is all it takes to configure your Windows Live Home page settings, and you can change one way or the other any time you want in the future.

Tip: note that your Hotmail homepage settings are tied to your email account and Windows Live profile, not the computer you happened to be using at the time. In other words, the new behavior will affect your login experience whenever you sign in to your account, regardless of the location or PC you are using!

Tutorial last updated on November 26, 2011
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