Sign in to Hotmail from iPhone Mail

As explained in our "Mobile Hotmail Sign in" tutorial, you can check your email account using the mobile Safari web browser that ships with the iPhone and iPod touch. In this tutorial, we focus on the "Mail" email program ("application") that comes with the device - just pick your favorite approach!

Hotmail and other email accounts on iPhone / iPod touch Because Hotmail uses its own email protocol (as opposed to standard POP3 or IMAP), setting up a Hotmail email account in iPhone Mail (the email app that comes with the smartphone) required that you access the webmail service as a regular POP account, without being able to see custom folders you created. This has fortunately changed with a recent version of the iOS operating system that runs on the iPhone (and iPad plus iPod touch), which now allows you to get the full Windows Live Hotmail experience by using a "Microsoft Exchange Server" setup. In this tutorial, we will show you how to sign in to Hotmail from your iPhone (or iPod touch) by adding your email account the right way.

Tip: if you have previously added your Hotmail account as POP3 to your iPhone or iPod touch, start by deleting it, as follows. Tap on "Settings" and scroll down to select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"; then, tap on "Hotmail" (or however you custom named your account). You have two choices: temporarily disable the email account by switching "On" to "Off", or using the "Delete Account" at the bottom.


Add your Hotmail account to the Mail app on iPhone / iPod touch

Now follow these simple steps to setup Hotmail as a new account:

Access Hotmail and other email accounts from a single location

You are done! The Mail application has now registered your Hotmail account, along with any other email addresses you may have already setup. To sign in to Hotmail on your iPhone, just tap on the "Mail" app icon, and choose "Hotmail" from your email accounts (or choose "All Inboxes").

Sign in to Hotmail inbox from iPhone or iPod touch
To access other Hotmail email folders from the iPhone (besides inbox that is), just tap on the "Hotmail" button at the bottom of the screen shown on the screenshot above, and then on the folder name.

Tip: to only check for new emails from Hotmail and leave message management to another device or computer, just setup Hotmail as POP3 on iPhone.

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