Sign in to Hotmail as a guest

Here is a quick overview of the options you have when you are at a friend's house, for example, and you want to check your emails and sign in to Hotmail as a guest. The problem of course, is that the person who invited you may also be a Hotmail user, in which case you would have to sign them out of their Windows Live account to check your own profile! But depending on the length of your stay, your hosts' security settings and operating system, you will find several options that let you check Hotmail!


Login to Hotmail as a guest, without disrupting others

Here are a few choices you have, depending on your situation:

Either way, the safest way to sign in to your Hotmail account as a guest is to avoid checking the checkboxes that allow Windows Live to remember your user name (Windows Live ID, or email address) and password: in other words, do not make the web browser automatically sign in to Hotmail!

Make Hotmail sign in automatically remember your login information

Hotmail Privacy Tip: when you sign in to Hotmail as a guest, never forget to completely sign out and confirm that you are logged out. This avoids anyone accessing your email messages or profile settings accidentally (or on purpose!)

Tutorial last updated on November 26, 2011
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