Setup Hotmail sign in for a cell phone / mobile device

While much of the personal information you can add to your Windows Live Hotmail profile won't do much difference in the experience, adding a cell phone number / mobile internet device will give you some advantages we'll mention at the end of this page, like the ability to check your Hotmail emails from a cell phone, or get a temporary sign in code (a safety measure that allows you to login to Hotmail with a temporary password). For now, let's show you how to add a mobile phone to your Hotmail account.


Add a cell phone number to your Windows Live Hotmail profile / account

Follow these steps to add a mobile device number:

In itself, adding a cell phone to your Windows Live Hotmail account doesn't have an immediately obvious advantage - it will, however, allow you to access your emails from your phone while on the move!

Tip: if you just added a cell phone number to your Hotmail account for security reasons, resume your reading at "Login to Hotmail with a single-use sign in code".

Tutorial last updated on November 26, 2011
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