Safely sign in to your Hotmail account with the secure option (SSL encryption)

There are precautions you can take when you login to your Hotmail account in certain cases (like when you sign in to Hotmail from a public computer), but in general, the standard, default settings are fine. Windows Live Hotmail does offer, however, a super-secure option for the sign in screen: by choosing it, all the communication that happens between your web browser and Hotmail's web servers during the login process will be completely "encrypted", making it extremely difficult for a hacker to hijack your session.

Tip: Hotmail just added a new, security-related setting: "Connect with HTTPS"!


Securely sign in to Hotmail (Login with SSL)

Follow these steps to use enhanced security to login to your Hotmail account:

That's all it takes to turn on SSL login (secure mode) to sign in to your Windows Live Hotmail account!

Tip: Note that the SSL enhanced security option of the Hotmail sign in screen is a "sticky" setting. In other words, it will remain turned on for the web browser you are using until you manually click on the "Don't use enhanced security (SSL)" link at the bottom (same spot as the turn-on link) to turn it back off.

Turn off secure login for the Hotmail sign in screen
If you have concerns about accessing your Hotmail account from an unfamiliar or less safe location, please see how to sign in to Hotmail from a public computer, or even how to login to Hotmail with a single-use sign in code (the safest option).

Tutorial last updated on November 27, 2011
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