Hotmail Sign up: create a Hotmail account or get a new email address

The Hotmail sign in page appears on the right of the homepage when you are logged out: on the left is either the sign-up form and button that you will use when you want to create a Hotmail account, or an ad for other Microsoft services - your first Hotmail account, or a new email address. You may also see a "Don't have a Microsoft account? Sign up now" text with link. We will explain how to quickly sign up for Hotmail and get your own "" or "" free email account!

Hotmail sign in page old and new sign-up form

Tip: now that Microsoft has redesigned the service to look like Windows 8's Metro / Modern interface, some of the screenshots below may vary - for a full, in-depth overview, see how to create a Hotmail account using the modern look!


Sign up for your new Hotmail,, or email address

Follow these steps to get your own Hotmail account:

Hotmail sign up is complete: now what?

Now that your new email address is active and you have finished the sign up process, you can go through Hotmail sign in to send and receive emails from your new Hotmail account. You will also find a welcome email in your inbox, titled "Getting started with Windows Live Hotmail".

This is all it takes to sign up for Hotmail and get a free email address you can use for years to come; unlike work email addresses, email accounts provided by your internet service provider, or a student email address, your new Hotmail account will not expire when you change job, school, or ISP.

Tip: to prevent users from hoarding email addresses for no useful purpose, Windows Live Hotmail will automatically cancel and delete email accounts that are not used. So make sure to login to your new Hotmail email address at least once every two months to avoid disconnection (canceled email accounts are released into availability, and will show as available in the Hotmail sign up form for others!)

Tutorial last updated on December 7, 2013
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