Hotmail Sign in page

MSN Hotmail sign in form The Hotmail Sign-in page protects your Hotmail / account from access by other people: you will see the Hotmail sign in screen when you first login to check your emails from a web browser, and periodically after that, since Hotmail will automatically logout now and then for security reasons - this behind-the-scenes process is described in Hotmail login: it lets you re-enter your password and prevents others from loading your emails without your Hotmail login information (email address and password, one or both required by the sign in form).


The Hotmail sign in form

Follow these steps to sign in to your Hotmail / account and check your emails:

If you entered the correct login credentials, Windows Live Hotmail will sign you in and load your emails!

Tip: how you actually sign in to your Hotmail account from a web browser depends on location and the circumstances; make sure to read about Hotmail sign in from a public computer for security tips and safely login to your emails. On the other hand, you can Hotmail sign in automatically from your home computer!

Tutorial last updated on November 21, 2013
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