Mobile Hotmail Sign in: check emails from your cell phone web browser

Whether you have an expensive smartphone or a lower-cost mobile handset cell phone, Hotmail gives you three ways to check your emails, either using a Wi-Fi connection or your 3G / 4G network. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the Mobile Hotmail Sign in feature to check your email messages from a mobile-friendly website: while some smartphones (and higher end handsets) will let you use the regular Windows Live Hotmail website, that experience is really optimized for regular, desktop web browsers: some functionality will not work, be very slow, or be quite expensive on your cell phone monthly bill.


Check your email messages from the Windows Live mobile website

Open your smartphone / cell phone's web browser, and follow these steps:

Note: we are using the Opera Mini mobile browser in this tutorial, but these steps remain identical regardless of which phone browser you are using. Since we are "Hotmail Plus" member, your inbox may look slightly different (ads displayed).

Security precautions with the mobile Hotmail website

Manually sign out of your mobile inbox The main concern with checking your emails from a cell phone is losing that device: while it is convenient to automatically sign into Hotmail (whether from Windows Live mobile or the regular Hotmail), it becomes a concern on a cell phone you may well lose in a public place. If your cell phone or smartphone is password-protected, or can be remotely wiped out, access to Hotmail account is much more secure; if you want to stay on the safe side, scroll all the way to the bottom of any screen, and manually logout by clicking on the "Sign out" link: this means that the next time you access mobile Hotmail, you'll have to enter your credentials, and will not be automatically logged in to your inbox.

Tutorial last updated on November 26, 2011
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