Make Hotmail your homepage in Safari (Windows or Apple Mac OS X)

If Safari is your default browser on Windows 7 / Vista / XP or Mac OS X, or if you use it primarily to check your Windows Live Hotmail account and emails, it makes sense to set Hotmail as your homepage: you can either make the inbox your homepage, or another folder; if you login from your own computer, you can safely choose to automatically sign in to Hotmail, which will allow Safari to go directly to your inbox, instead of asking you for your Windows Live credentials beforehand (email address and password).


Set Hotmail as homepage in Safari

Follow these steps to make your Hotmail inbox the home tab:

From now on, Hotmail is your Safari homepage: on Windows, you can hit the Ctrl+Shift+H keyboard shortcut to go to your homepage (your Hotmail inbox, presumably). On a Mac, press the equivalent keystroke of Command+Shift+H, and Safari will open your homepage.

Tip: if you want Safari to load your Hotmail account as homepage when you open a new tab or new window, just choose "Home Page" in the dropdown menus called "New windows open with" and "New tabs open with" in the options dialog.

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