Make Hotmail your homepage in Firefox (Mozilla)

If you want to directly open your Hotmail inbox when you launch Firefox, you just need to add it as homepage: since the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox (and SeaMonkey, another web browser suite by Mozilla) support multiple tabs in the same window, they also support having several homepages at the same time: this means that you can either have Windows Live Hotmail as your sole homepage, or have it as one of the several "homepage tabs" you want.


Set Hotmail as homepage in Firefox

Follow these steps to add Hotmail as your homepage or one of your home tabs in Mozilla Firefox:

This is all it takes to add your Windows Live Hotmail inbox as homepage or one of your home tabs in Firefox (the procedure is nearly identical in SeaMonkey, another browser by Mozilla).

Tip: from time to time, Hotmail will ask you to login again, just as a security measure; this can either be the full Hotmail sign in screen, or just a password confirmation text field before loading your inbox. This is normal, and designed to make sure that if you accidentally left yourself signed in to your Hotmail account on someone else's computer, it won't stay that way for too long!

Tutorial last updated on November 27, 2011
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