Make Hotmail automatically ask you to change to a new password

When you created your new email address during Hotmail sign up, you were asked to pick a password to protect access to your account and emails. As time passed, you have probably logged in to your Hotmail account from more places than you can remember, and this of course increases the chances of having your password stolen by someone. As you may already know, you can manually change your Hotmail password as often as you want, but like most of us, you probably don't! Fortunately, Windows Live offers an automatically reminder service to ask you to create a new Hotmail password every 72 days: this option is disabled by default, but can be turned on or off whenever you feel like it.


Let Hotmail automatically ask you to change your password every 72 days

Our guess as to why the Windows Live team chose 72 days instead of "on the first of every month", for example, is probably because it makes unpredictable the actual day on which Hotmail will ask you to change your sign in password. Unless the potential hacker knows when you last changed your password, he/she will not be able to anticipate when you will next update your login information.

Follow these steps to turn on the automatic password change feature in your profile:

Turn off the automatic password change reminder in Windows Live Hotmail

As often, there is a trade off between security and convenience: if you want to stop receiving a reminder from Windows Live to change your password every 10 weeks, you can disable this setting: simply follow the steps outlined above, but this time, after you pick a new password for the last time, uncheck the "Make my password expire every 72 days" checkbox, and click "Save" to apply the new settings.

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