Login to Hotmail with a single-use sign in code

The new Hotmail introduced a feature called "Single-use code" to make it safer to sign in to your Windows Live Hotmail account, especially if you need to sign in to Hotmail from a public computer. So, what is a Single-use code, and how does it work? This page explains both these topics, and will give you scenarios (+ pros and cons) on using single-use sign in codes when you login to your Hotmail account.


When to sign in to Hotmail with a single-use code

The first question to answer is "When should you use a single-use code?" Let's answer it by explaining exactly what a single-use sign in code is, in the context of Windows Live Hotmail access: normally, when you login to your Hotmail account, you enter your user name (full email address), and your password; as careful as you may be, if the computer you are using is running a secret "key logging" software that records all your keystrokes, the hacker will know your password once you typed it.

A single-use code means that you get a special, temporary password from Hotmail, and use it to login just once: anyone trying to sign in with it a second time will not be able to access your account and emails.

Hotmail sign in security and safety measures

Get a single-use code to login to your Hotmail account

Follow these steps to get a single-use sign in code from Windows Live Hotmail:

Tutorial last updated on November 26, 2011
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