How to fix the Hotmail Sign in blocked page problem

MSN Hotmail sign in Hotmail We explained earlier how to work around the somewhat common Hotmail sign in blank page problem, but here's another, less familiar problem: the Hotmail sign in page is blocked, and you cannot login to your Windows Live Hotmail email account. This issue is both easier and harder to fix at the same time: it is an easier problem to fix, since this is not happening on Hotmail's end, but on yours; this is why this Hotmail blocked issue is harder to fix: if you are certain that the login form is blocked, it was done on purpose, either through the use of parental controls, or by a system administrator who does not want computer users on his or her network to check their emails (at work, presumably). We'll explain tips that might allow you to bypass the block and access Hotmail regardless!


Use an alternate URL to bypass blocked email access to Hotmail

We are assuming that you already went through the standard Hotmail sign in procedure, and have received some kind of error message or web browser behavior that indicated that your access to the Hotmail login form may have been blocked on your computer / network.

This is a very easy way to access your Hotmail emails, even if the sign in page is blocked!

Check your Hotmail account and emails without using a web browser

Microsoft Windows Live Mail email programGoing to one of Windows Live Hotmail's web addresses is just one way you can check your emails: if you use Windows Live Mail (the free email program created by Microsoft), you will not need to use your browser, and will thus bypass blocked restrictions (other email software don't integrate as tightly with Hotmail as Windows Live Mail, but all those that support the "POP3" email protocol will work). A later tutorial will explain how to sign in to Hotmail from an email client on Windows 7 / Vista / XP, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Tutorial last updated on November 26, 2011
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