Hotmail Sign out: Logout of your Hotmail account

Just as you need to login to your Hotmail account to check your emails, you can logout any time you want: if you only check your emails from your own laptop or desktop computer, logging out isn't that important. But if you ever want to make sure that no one else can access your emails, you need to manually sign out of Hotmail, or the next person may be able to get to your inbox and read your emails (if not actually send messages that will appear as coming from you). If you sometimes go to or from a public computer (at work, at school, at the library...), where many strangers access the same PC or Mac, you will definitely want to logout and confirm that you are fully signed out.


Clicking "sign out" to logout of your Hotmail account

The easiest way to logout of your Hotmail account is to click on the "Sign Out" link you see in the top right corner of most screens inside your emails or other Windows Live services:

Click on sign out to logout of your Hotmail account

So, what happens after you click on the sign out link? This depends on how you signed in:

Tip: make sure to check out our "Hotmail Sign in from a public computer" page to not only sign out, but also sign in more securely than you would from home.

Tutorial last updated on November 26, 2011
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