Hotmail Sign in from iPad

The advantage of using a webmail offering (online email service) like Windows Live Hotmail is that you can access your email account from anywhere an internet connection is available. On iPad, you have at least the Wi-Fi option to connect to the internet, perhaps even the extra convenience of 3G. Either way, you can use your iPad to sign in to Hotmail on the go, as you'll learn in this tutorial. Note that while we focus on Apple's iPad, these remarks also apply to other tablets (e.g., Android), or devices like Apple's own iPod touch (see our "Mobile Hotmail Sign in" tutorial, or read how you can sign in to Hotmail from iPhone Mail).

Tip: there are four ways in which you can login to Hotmail from your iPad; setup your Hotmail account in the built-in Mail app, or download a third-party application from the App Store, which we haven't tested yet. Finally, you can access your Hotmail account using the "Desktop" version or "Mobile" version of the service.


Login to your Hotmail account from an iPad web browser

Since we'll show you how to sign in to Hotmail using the Safari web browser that ships with the iPad, you don't have to install anything! So, let's get started by launching Safari:

And this is all it takes to sign in to Hotmail from your iPad; and, as mentioned earlier, you will be automatically logged in to your email account simply by loading from the address bar or a bookmark. Read the next tutorial to learn how to sign out from Hotmail on iPad, and other related settings.

Tip: to try using the standard Hotmail on iPad, just tap on the "PC site" link at the very bottom of the page. While it's "interesting" to see your regular Hotmail account on the iPad screen, it doesn't work quite as expected (no scrollbars in some places, for example). Switch back by tapping "Mobile site" at the bottom.

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