Hotmail Sign in from a public computer

When you login to your Hotmail account from home and check your emails, there isn't much risk involved as long as you have an up-to-date machine (set to automatically download updates), and are running a firewall and antivirus software protection. The security concerns come into play when your sign in to Hotmail from a public computer: at school, at work, at a public library, etc. We will show you how to best protect your Hotmail account from hackers and other malicious users in an unfamiliar location.


Securely sign in to Hotmail from a public computer

Follow these steps to safely access your Hotmail emails in a public place:

Safely sign out of Windows Live Hotmail from a public computer

This applies to using an actual computer that isn't yours: if you are using your laptop, this step may be less important, if not unnecessary if access to your laptop is fully password-protected.

Tip: if possible, there are two additional security precautions you can take when you sign in from a public computer at school, at work, in a library, or any other public place that offers public computers for internet access or free Wi-Fi to its patrons. The first is to anonymously login to your Hotmail account, and the second is to login to Hotmail with a single-use sign in code.

Tutorial last updated on November 26, 2011
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