Hotmail Sign in at school or at work

As a "webmail service" (web based email), Windows Live Hotmail can be accessed from anywhere you find a computer and an internet connection. And since, in practical terms, every browser you'll find supports Hotmail (list of web browsers supported by Hotmail), you will not have any difficulty logging into your email account, regardless of the operating system installed on that machine (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux...) But there are two non-technical concerns to keep in mind when you check Hotmail at school or at work, for example: these are the security of your account, and your privacy. This tutorial gives you some pointers on accessing your emails from a semi-private environment like these.

Hotmail sign in security and safety measures


Sign in to your Hotmail account from school or your workplace

First, let's start with a brief overview of security measures to use: Both at school and at work, you will either have your own computer (which you can lock when walking away from it), or a shared computer; a shared computer will either have everyone use the same user account, or allow each one to have his or her own profile on the machine. Based on your scenario, here are some safety tips:

Your email account and privacy concerns at school or at work

Security precautions outlined above are just half of the equation: even if you trust all your colleagues or classmates, you never know what email message their eyes may come across. A single sensitive email seen in your Hotmail account may get you fired or ostracized! The easiest way to avoid intrusions of privacy at work or at school is to (1) check your emails when no-one or few people are around, and (2) always logout of your account and close the browser window when you are done.

Use the sign out link to manually logout of your Hotmail account

Use common sense and follow your comfort level

Note that these are general and commonsensical guidelines: how you actually proceed depends on your comfort level and the types of emails in your inbox. If you apply for jobs using your Windows Live Hotmail account, for example, don't use the email account as the one you check from your current workplace!

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