Hotmail Sign in again: login sessions twice or in loop

Regardless of the web browser you are using to access your Hotmail emails, you have surely experienced the "Sign-out isn't complete... Finish signing out" error message. Though more rare, you will sometimes have the same type of problem when you try to access your emails (or another function in your Windows Live profile), and have to sign in to Hotmail again and again - twice, but sometimes even more, in what seems like an infinite loop! This tutorial explains the most common causes of this problem, and how to fix it so that Windows Live keeps you logged in - if you are using Hotmail outside your computer, make sure to always manually sign out of your email account when you are done, for security reasons.

Click on sign out to logout of your Hotmail account


Problem with Hotmail login looping several times

Here are some of the most common reasons for which you may find yourself trying to login to your email accounts multiple times, if only to have to re-enter your password. Note that all the issues-troubleshooting steps below assume that you check your Hotmail emails from a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox...) If you use an email program like Windows Live Mail, you'll get other types of errors.

And there are the top five problems that force you to sign in to Hotmail again and again; if it happens only twice, and only occasionally, this may just be a hiccup you can disregard. If it happens in loop, even to the point of preventing you from accessing your email account, keep in mind that the problem may well be on the Windows Live mail servers themselves - in which case you should just wait 10 to 15 minutes.

Tutorial last updated on November 26, 2011
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