Get the Hotmail Sign in English version page

By default, the Windows Live Hotmail sign in page will be displayed in the language deemed most appropriate based on your system settings, your location, previous users to login to their email account, etc. But you can explicitly tell Hotmail that you want to see the sign in screen in a particular language, as you'll learn in this tutorial. We will show you how to do this from your own computer, where you have the ability to bookmark websites and web pages (add them to your favorites, which is the simplest approach), but also how to proceed if you want to sign in to Hotmail from a public computer.


Display the Windows Live sign up page and sign in form in English

In case you are not already seeing it in English, follow these steps to force the language:

Hotmail Sign in Tip: if you want American English, use "en-us"; for Australian English, use "en-au"; for British English, use "en-gb", or "en-ca" for Canada, etc.

If you are trying to login to Hotmail on a public computer (from which you don't have access to your favorites and bookmarks), you just need to remember the URL shown above, and manually type it! Besides the Hotmail Sign in screen, you can also use in English.

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