Directly login to Hotmail inbox (Sign in to email messages)

As you now know from having read earlier tutorials like Hotmail Sign in, whenever you login to your Windows Live Hotmail account, what happens next depends on a variety of factors; you learned, for example, that you can directly sign in to your Hotmail calendar by bookmarking (adding to your favorites) a special page containing the default calendar view for your profile. In this tutorial, we will show you two ways in which you can sign in to your Hotmail inbox directly, either by customizing your Windows Live profile, or by using a nifty trick which is very easy to implement!


Sign in to your Hotmail inbox and emails

Follow one of these methods to directly end up inside your inbox after you login to your account:

Tip: You can change this setting at any time to revert to the default behavior: note that it will not impact email programs you may use to check your Hotmail account (like Windows Live Mail), who will still load their default screen or email folder.

Tutorial last updated on November 26, 2011
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