Check the last Hotmail login (last time someone signed in to your email account)

Whenever you login to your Hotmail account, it leaves a trace with a date and time; wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell when someone last accessed your Windows Live Hotmail profile and emails? A detailed breakdown of who signed in to your account, from what IP address and when exactly (date and time) is difficult to obtain without a court order, you can easily find out when the last Hotmail login occurred on any machine you have access to - laptop or desktop computer, as you'll learn on this page.


Find out the last time your Hotmail account was accessed

Whenever you or someone else tries to access your Hotmail account and read your emails, it creates a record (history and cookies) on the computer that was used. A very simply way to find out when the last login your Hotmail account happened is to look at these logs.

Tip: it is possible that the last login to your Hotmail account happened on a computer you do not have access to, in which case you will not be able to determine the dates and times someone last signed in.

There are also two other cases where it is next to extremely difficult to know if and when someone tried to access your emails or hack your account, if they anonymously login to Hotmail, or if they erase Hotmail history and/or cookies.

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