Check the status of Windows Live services

Check status of Microsoft Windows Live services Microsoft maintains an increasing number of online services, mostly designed for Windows users. In fact, since Windows 8 was released, your "Microsoft Account" (formerly known as Windows Live ID) is even used to synchronize all your devices, as long as you logon to Windows using your Hotmail / email address - as opposed to a "Local Account", which only exists on a particular computer. This means that when Hotmail is down, and other Windows Live services (like SkyDrive) experience technical difficulties, your entire experience is affected. This tutorial show you a quick way to determine if something is wrong, and what to do about it! (Hint: you can directly report problems to Microsoft :)


Check if Hotmail is down right now

Check if Hotmail is blocked or just down Whenever you get a blank screen as you try to login, or the sign-in page seems blocked, it doesn't always have to do with Microsoft: employers, in an attempt to bring up productivity in their workers, have routinely started blocking popular websites like social media kings Facebook and Twitter. Microsoft has a website dedicated to monitoring the health of its services - from their webmail service, to the calendar - hosted on their own server (so that it the information is up and running even if other services are down). Any time you cannot access a Microsoft service, go to, which is kept up-to-date.

Get technical problems breakdown for each service

When the page loads, you'll receive a detailed account of all Microsoft and Windows Live services, which will look like this (note that on this screenshot, everything is working normally).

Check if Hotmail is down right now
The slight downside of this troubleshooting tool is that it only reflects problems that Microsoft is already aware of - either the ones they found out about themselves, or thanks to users like you reporting technical issues.

Tip: if Hotmail / shows that is "Running normally", but you cannot login or the page won't load, just let Microsoft know about it by filing a report here.

Report Hotmail sign in problems to Microsoft To report a problem accessing emails, select "", and pick Signing in as feature with which you are having difficulties. Then, click on the Submit button. When enough users report the same problem, it becomes Microsoft's priority!

Tutorial last updated on January 5, 2014
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