Change the language of the Hotmail sign in screen (used to login)

A common source of frustration is the language of the Hotmail sign in page (the screen used to login to your email account). How can you sign in to Hotmail in English, Spanish, French, etc. (whatever language you may want to use when you enter your user name (email address) and password to check your messages. This tutorial explains how to change the language of your Hotmail account, and what to expect when it comes to the language of the sign in page itself, aside from the rest of Windows Live.

Tip: the steps outlined in this tutorial will change the language of your entire Hotmail account - to change just the Sign in Page (and optionally bookmark it), please read instead our "Change Hotmail Sign in Page language" tutorial.


Change language for your Hotmail account (entire Windows Live profile)

Follow these steps to choose to use Hotmail in another language:

Tip: the Hotmail language setting is associated with your Windows Live profile, not the computer you happened to be using at the time. In other words, this will not affect other Hotmail users who use the same computer to sign in, and by the same token, the language you chose will be reflected for your profile from wherever you happen to login (at school, work, on a laptop or a different PC altogether).

What about the Hotmail sign in page language?

MSN Hotmail sign in HotmailChanging the language of the Hotmail sign in page itself proves more difficult: this is because Windows Live Hotmail will detect a variety of settings from your computer or your location to determine the language in which you will login. Put differently, you have a limited amount of control over the login screen's displayed language. But as soon as you have signed in to your account, the language you customized will be used throughout your entire Windows Live profile.

Tip: if you are trying to login from a computer other than your own, and find a sign in form in a language you don't understand, just keep in mind that the text fields are always listed in the same top-to-bottom order: in the first one, enter your email account, and type in your password in the second one!

Tutorial last updated on November 26, 2011
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