Change the language of the Hotmail Sign in page to login to your email account

As you may already know, you can customize your Windows Live profile and change Hotmail language so that everything visible after you login is in your language of choice. But what about the language for Hotmail Sign in screen? There is a difference: unlike your email account and profile, the page you use to login to Hotmail doesn't necessarily know who you are. For this reason, it will try to guess what the best language is by determining previous activity, your current location and the language spoken in that region, as well as your operating system's language setting (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) This tutorial will explain how to force the Hotmail sign in page to use the language you want.


Change Hotmail Sign in language for the login form and sign up page

This is how Windows Live Hotmail determines in which language to display the login screen:

And this is a simple trick that allows you to change Hotmail Sign in language on-the-fly, without affecting your Windows Live profile language settings themselves! You can also learn more about to make the most of Microsoft's webmail service (online email offerings and other Windows Live services).

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