Automatically sign in to Hotmail (bypass/skip login screen)

By default, Windows Live Hotmail is designed for security, and will ask you to sign in every time, and to manually retype your login information (full / email address, and your account password). But it is possible to automatically sign in to Hotmail with a couple of clicks to set that up. Hotmail sign in automatically is obviously less safe, and should only be used from your home computer, or a laptop that only you access (that itself ideally requires a user name / password to login). From that point on, you will be able to access your inbox and emails without seeing any login screen!


Hotmail sign in automatically (Hotmail auto-login)

Follow these steps to automatically sign in to your Hotmail account and load your inbox, and make Hotmail remember your email address and/or password for future login sessions: ("Hotmail auto-login")

Tip: Windows Live Hotmail will still check behind the scenes that you are logged in to your account when you try to access your inbox through a bookmark or favorite, or by having it set to your homepage, but you won't see it happen.

To see how to leverage Hotmail auto-login and set Windows Live Hotmail as your homepage, please see:

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Tutorial last updated on November 26, 2011
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