Add a trusted PC to Hotmail (for sign in and password reset)

A common problem for Windows Live Hotmail users is their problems signing into their account: in some cases, the problem lies on the mail server, but most often, it has to do with configuration issues with the browser, the internet connection, etc. - and above all, it has to do with people forgetting their username (Windows Live ID, your full Hotmail email address) and password. To this end, the Windows Live team at Microsoft has come up with the concept of "Trusted PC": whenever you login to your emails, the credentials you supply (ID and password) are the only ways Hotmail can know you are who you are. Once you sign out, or someone signs in instead, Hotmail has in effect "forgotten" you, and you'll need to log back in. Well, this has now changed, because a Trusted PC tells Hotmail that you are yourself, and on your own computer, Hotmail Sign in becomes easier, and so does retrieving your password. This tutorial explains how to add your computer as a Trusted PC for Hotmail, and when you should use this option.


Which computers should you consider as potential "Trusted PC"?

Before going into our step-by-step explanations - the concept of Trusted PC is so powerful that you should only use it in some cases - here's a breakdown of acceptable cases:

Tip: While Hotmail talks about a "Trusted PC" (Windows), the feature also works if you are using Mac OS X or a Linux distribution as operating system!

Add the current computer as Trusted PC

Once you have signed in to your Hotmail account, go to your inbox (or any other email folder). Then, click on the "Options" button near the top right corner of the page, and select "More options".

Once redirected to the "Hotmail Options" screen, click on the first link, "Account details (password, aliases, time zone)", under "Managing your account" - you will be prompted for your account password, to protect access to it by confirming your identity (even if you are set to automatically login).

The second section, "Password reset information", includes a "Trusted PC" entry: click on the "Add" link next to it: you will be redirected to the Windows Live "Home" page, confirming that your PC has been added as trusted. From this point on, password recovery will be more lenient from this particular machine!

Add a Trusted PC to your Hotmail account

This being said, continue to use safe practices: never share your login information, don't check your Hotmail account from a stranger's computer, always manually sign out when in doubt, etc.

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